10个视频面试技巧 ——10 Tips to Ace a Video Interview

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It s becoming more and more common for companies to conduct virtual interviews

with candidates. Often, these interviews are done via some type of video technology.

A video interview typically involves the candidate answering a series of pre-determined interview questions using a webcam to record their interview.



"There are generally two types of video interviews a candidate may encounter,says Christopher Young, CEO of Async Interview, a video interviewing technology that allows companies to interview candidates anywhere there is an Internet connection and webcam. One-way interviews, such as the type of interviews that Async provides, pre-screen candidates by having them respond to pre-set questions without a recruiter on the other end. Another approach is a two-way interview, conducted using Skype-like technology. Candidates and recruiters interact as part of a two-way, live interactive interview process. These are typically used later in the interview process.

Christopher Young 说:“一般来说,候选人可能会遇到两种类型的视频面试。”Async Interview 的首席执行官,这是一种视频面试技术,允许公司在任何有互联网连接和摄像头的地方面试候选人。“单向面试,比如 Async 提供的面试类型,通过让应聘者在没有招聘人员的情况下回答预先设置的问题来预先筛选应聘者。另一种方法是采用类似 Skype 的技术进行双向访谈。候选人和招聘人员的互动是双向互动面试过程的一部分。这些通常在以后的面试过程中使用。”


As part of their Get America Back to Work Campaign,I offers the following tips to help you ace a video interview:

作为他们让美国重返职场运动的一部分, Young 提供了以下技巧来帮助你在视频面试中取得成功:


1. Practice questions.



As with anything, practice makes perfect. If your video interviewing tool allows, take advantage of the companys practice questions. This will not only help you get ready for the interview but will also allow you to get comfortable with the technology. Use the practice questions to work out kinks, such as your background and your wardrobe.



2. Look at the camera, not the screen.



This isnt the time to be checking yourself out on the screen. Eye contact is critical in an in-person interview, and it adds a nice touch on a video interview as well. Pretend your webcam is the person interviewing you. Keep looking at the webcam as you would be looking at your interviewer.



3. Dress appropriately.



Be careful if you are considering dressing business on top and casual on the bottom.Dress professionally from head to toe. Dont make the mistake of dressing waist up. If you shift in your seat, you dont want your pajamas or sweatpants showing! Dress in light colors against a darker background or dark colors against a light background. Plan ahead so you look your best.



4. Take care to set up the recording environment.



You want your interview to highlight your skills and qualifications. Make sure your recording space is lighted appropriately and doesnt cast unwanted shadows on your face. Move a lamp or light source nearby and use the practice interviews to adjust your lighting and make sure you can see yourself. As for the background, keep it conservative or plain. The interviewer wants to see you, not your room, so set yourself up so that the video will show you from the shoulder up.



5. Think about timing.



Time is of the essence. Be mindful of how long you take to respond to questions, whether in a two-way interview or a one-way interview. Many video interview tools have time limits for each question so be precise, but answer questions with sufficient detail.

There is no do-over in an interview.




6. Watch your language.



Avoid jargon. When sharing your experiences, describe acronyms and other jargon so your employer can follow along.



7. Calm your nerves. Your peers are nervous too, so dont worry.



Focus on speaking slowly, and show off those pearly whites. Those who can showcase their true personality while maintaining a level of professionalism are typically selected for another interview.



8. Dont let mistakes throw you off.



Employers know you are human. Dont be afraid to make a mistake. If you started off responding to a recruiters question and would like to correct yourself, do so and re-state your answer. They will appreciate your honesty and willingness to admit your error.



9. Consider your strengths and weaknesses.



Just because its a high-tech interview doesnt mean you wont encounter traditional questions. A common question is, What are your strengths and weaknesses?Dont get caught up in the technology. Prepare for a variety of interview questions.



10. Do your research.



Many clients leave room in the interview for you to ask questions that they can address in the next interview. Dont get caught scrambling to think of what you might ask the employer. Prepare a couple of questions about something you cant research on your own.



Video interviews provide the opportunity to showcase your skills and talents from the comfort of your home. Smile, be confident, and prepare to ace your interview using technology that makes the hiring process more comfortable and cost effective for you and your prospective employer.



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